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(I want to apologize for the pictures around here that are misbehaving. Hopefully, things will get fixed soon!)

Last week, hubs and I headed out on a little one day road trip.

Brad has been researching and studying for almost two years as we prepare to spend major bucks on a new grain handling system. This will be a game changer around here, making things move more quickly and smoothly (fingers crossed) on the farm during fall harvest. He wanted to look up close and personal at a couple of grain dryers and to chat face-to-face with some sales people.

We live miles and miles from good shopping, so I went along, knowing that I would be able to hit up both Joann Fabrics and Hancock on our way home.

I am on a mad search for pillow fabric for our basement  do-over (read about it here, and here,  and some more here) so that I can make some decisions about a color palette.

Both of the stores were big fat zeroes.

I didn't see anything that even interested me a little bit, so I have been googling and clicking and clicking and googling trying to find some fabric that turned my crank.

Girls, my head is spinning like a top.

I have ordered samples of these (and a few others) to do a coral and turquoise palette.

Waverly Paisley Prism Twill Sorbet      Waverly Gemma Flowers Sorbet        Waverly DuncanTwill  Coral

Premier Prints Chelsea True Turquoise

But I don't really like the first fabric-too orange.

Then I discovered Spoonflower and my heart started thumping. They have really unique fabric, which can be printed as WALLPAPER! (So excited to learn about this for another project we had in the works before the basement flooded.)

I really like this fabric and I think it will coordinate with some of the choices from fabric.com.

Seafoam - Coral Colorway

I thought I had it all figured out, until today when I was innocently looking at an email from Joss and Main and saw this chair (which sold out while I typed this  GRRR!) and found the fabric online.

Coraline Arm Chair in Ladbroke PeacockP. Kaufmann  Ladbroke/Cir Peacock

I can see great colors I could pull from this.

What is a girl to do? Quite a not-a-third-world-problem, right? 

I hope your head is in place where it should be and you are having a great Monday, friends!

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