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Reality Slap X 50


We got back from our trip to Florida late Monday night with a huge slap of reality.

A slap in the form of 6 inches of water in our finished basement.

Can you say "aggravated" with me?

We left over a week ago in a terrible rainstorm which apparently resulted in a lightning strike which took out our sump pump, cable, internet, big screen TV, and we don't even know what else yet.

So....everything in the basement has set in water for over a week.

Not good.

This was almost as surprising as the time we came home from vacation and a great big white labrador  greeted us when we walked into the kitchen.

And we didn't have a great big white lab.

Yes, our house was broken into by a dog. We left a window open and he ripped the screen and it was obvious that he had jumped in....

....and out

.....several times.

We still laugh about that one and are amazed that he didn't tear up anything else-just got dog hair all over the furniture.

But let's not focus on negative things, OK?

For the next 10 minutes, I am going to put my fingers in my ears and sing, "la,la,la, la, la," pretend it didn't happen, and share these pics I took at the Seaside Farmer's Market on Saturday morning.

When I didn't know things were floating in water in our basement back home.

And the sun was shining brightly.

And the day stretched ahead of us full of promise........

Enough of the drama!

Hope YOU are having a dry day at your lovely place!

Do you have any returning-from-vacation horror stories?


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