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Susan Says on Saturday

I have had a lazy, lazy Saturday and have loved every minute! Things will change in just a little while because we are babysitting this evening with our three adorable granddaughters. The energy level will amp up about 500%.

We will probably listen to lots of music...

....saxophone and violin

....with lots of dancing and gymnastics thrown in for good measure!

Before the crazy ensues, thought today I would share some random things I found online.

You might want to check out this......

Are you on google plus? Me too, but I don't really know why!

This post inspired me to learn a bit more about it. Christine linked up to this explanation which really helped to clarify. Want to add me to your circles? I will add you back for sure. Maybe we can learn about it together!

And This.....

podcast. I have become a huge fan of Andy Stanley and would make the whole world listen to his practical, un-preachy sermons if I had the power. He just started a new series on love. I'm going to recommend it to all my kids and the single moms in our Push ministry.

Part Two

I didn't get finished with this post yesterday, so I will continue today. We had fun last night after a bit of drama to start the evening off-two screamers who didn't want mom and dad to leave them, who also ended up being two fussing because they wanted to spend the night when their parents came to pick them up! Isn't that a hoot? Kids.

Big sis did spend the night and woke up vomiting this morning. I felt so bad for her.

Has anybody used this product?

It is called Accu Clic Plank flooring. It is vinyl that really does look like wood, and it is supposed to be water and mold resistant. We are considering it for our basement project, but I can't find any reviews online and don't know anyone who has used it in her home. If you have, I would LOVE to hear all about it!


And I will leave you with this....

so true

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday afternoon!

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