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Do You Do?


Are you an "A"?

A type "A", I mean.

My husband is a list maker and a checker-offer. The man gets things DONE.

I bet you are, too- like so many bloggers seem to be. You write posts every day, you tweet, you facebook,you instagram, you create.

You inspire me, and I thank you!

But, I'm jealous.

Ok. I said it.

Instead of being an "A", I'm a little further down the alphabet.

After pondering this quite a bit the last few weeks, I have decided to embrace with joy my place in the letters. We can't all be an "a".

All the others letters are needed, too, and words couldn't be made without us.

Therefore......no more thinking about how much others are accomplishing with their day, but more focusing on my own strengths.

Yesterday, I reflected on my journey as a follower, and how I chose it.

Since I think it was beneficial to have a focus word, I'm doing it again.

My word for 2013 is DO. Do more of the things I dream of, learn more the topics I'm interested in.

Stop lamenting the talents I don't have and focus on those I do possess.

This is going to be a learning year for me, and I'm looking forward to it!

What about you? What is your word for this year? I would LOVE to read all about it.

Happy, Happy New Year! I think you are GREAT.

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