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Do you ever feel like you are on a runaway train, and that train is your life?

Yes, me too.

Where in the world did this year go? Shouldn't it be something like 2003 instead of 2013?

Yesterday in our Sunday School class, a precious 80+ woman told us that she looks back over her life and wonders what she did with all her days, but the past is not her focus.

Her focus now is on TOMORROW. She is looking forward to spending her eternity in HEAVEN.

I love her wisdom.

Her faith.

Her kind, sweet heart, and gentle ways.

All of this has kindled my own reflection, as I choose my focus "word" for this year. I'm sure you have heard about it since so many bloggers are choosing one.

Last year, my word was "follower." You can read about my reasons for choosing it here.

I learned so many things during my year of trying to follow God's path for me. I visited new friends in places I never dreamed I would go-places like rehab centers, courtrooms, and a jail cell-several times.

The "She Speaks" and "Pearls and Grace" conferences gave me an opportunity to meet other Christian women from all over the United States.

A mission trip to Montana with our small group was so fun!

I was incredibly stretched and humbled and blessed.

And I am more thankful than ever that I am a child of the King.

You, dear blogging buddies, have also been a delight to me this year. I love reading your posts and getting a glimpse into your worlds and your hearts.

You are such a blessing, and I wish you and your families a glorious 2013!


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