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I Think You Are Great!


What a beautiful fall day we are having! Brad is busy shelling corn, or at least using the combine to knock down cornstalks without any ears. I am still busy on a cleaning frenzy after our carpet laying and bathroom remodels. I have hauled out a lot of stuff hoping it will bless someone else at our local mission.

I'm also finally dragging out my fall decorations. Enjoy the inspiration from my pinterest boards!

                                     Isn't this pretty?
Best news of all, Lindsay, Brandon's wife and fellow vintage junky, and I did a little antiquing last weekend and I didn't buy a thing. I had a couple of things in my hot little hands, but I was able to put them down and slowly walk away. This morning, I even ran an errand at my favorite local resale shop and I wasn't even tempted.


Thank you so much for your encouraging comments last week when I was feeling a little disgusted with my buying habit. You guys are just the sweetest things.

                                                   Pretty white pumpkins...love the staging...
That brings me to the topic of today's post.....encouragement.

What makes you smile? Lifts your spirit? Makes you feel warm and fuzzy?

Is it blog comments, facebook likes, Instagram hearts, texts from friends, unexpected invitations, pity gifts?

For me it is all of the above plus lots more. I am easy to please. Give me a friendly smile or wave and I am happy.

I bet you are like me and enjoy getting unexpected cards. Just this morning, when I was cleaning out a drawer, I discovered some cards with lovely notes sent to me through the years. What a nice surprise that was!
                                           So pretty           

One of my new bloggy friends, Veronica, from Adventures of D and V, has a little project going that I think will be lots of fun and wanted to share with you so that you could participate if you want. You can read all about it here. Here is the down and dirty version. Contact her and she will match you up with another blogger. Get acquainted by reading one another's blog, and then send a real, paper-and-envelope note of encouragement.

Doesn't that sound like fun? My new buddy is Barbie. I hope you click over and read her blog. She is an encourager deluxe and honest, too.

Let me know if you decide to join the party!


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