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Sometimes I Make Myself Sick


Girls, this isn't going to be pretty, but I feel like I just need to get this off my chest.

I am in the middle of cleaning up after two days of having new carpet laid. We had new carpet put down in 3 rooms, a hallway, and the stairs. Consequently, there is not a room in this house that is not a first rate disaster.

We also decided that this would be a great time to do some room rearrangement. We flip-flopped our dining and family rooms in an attempt to make the best use of every bit of space in this farmhouse. I think it will work out great when it is all finished.


As I clean and sort and dust and polish, I am sickened by the amount of STUFF I have accumulated. I enjoy auctions and resale and junk shops which means I have a lot of  " this and that" I have brought home with me.

I spent our hard earned money on it.

I really wanted it.

I had to have it.

Didn't I?

I loved it so much that I brought it home, cleaned it up, put it in a drawer and promptly forgot all about it as I ran out and repeated the cycle over and over.

Shame on me.

I am busy making a pile to take to my daughter-in-law's garage sale this weekend. She and her small group are trying to raise enough money to fund a trip to a V.A. hospital to visit and help write letters. I will be blessed by helping them, and I will empty out some of the things that I shouldn't have purchased in the first place.

I pray that the next time my fingers start to itch for something I don't need or even really want, I will remember this icky feeling and keep my debit card in my purse.


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