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From Cows to Brows

Isn't this a beautiful barn?

My farmer and I have been out and about lately.

Actually we have been running away from home.


Well, we are in the midst of a drought the likes of which we haven't seen since at least 1983.

Remember how excited we were to have corn up on March 31?

And how we were amazed that we had corn tasseling in June?

Unfortunately, now we have corn burning up on July 2.

It is very hard to watch a year's corn crop-and a big part of our income- dying day by day.

So....we have been looking for diversions....
something to do so we don't sit down and cry.

We visited one of the largest dairy farms in the United States, Fair Oaks.This place had barn, after barn, after barn of "milkers" and an education center and restaurant. 
This is a very large fake cow. We didn't see any real ones.
Brad was totally fascinated by the whole operation and we drove around and around to see all that we could. He was so enthralled he even had to call a good friend to share the excitement. I love seeing him have a good time!

Today was my turn to stumble onto something that made me smile-WooHoo!!

My fun started when I had a Bare Escentuals "malfunction" so decided to run into a cosmetics store we found to replace a lid. The owner of the store, who I later learned was a make-up artist and real sweetie, just happened to help me. 

She shared a few tips, I asked a few questions, and the next thing I know, I am getting my eyebrows reshaped.

I have always been protective of my eyebrows, so this was quite a step for me.
I was afraid of looking like this poor google girl.
Girls, my eyebrows have now been styled into a shape they called The HOLLYWOOD! Have you ever heard of such a thing?

I love them. The brow expert changed them ever so slightly, but it made quite a difference in my eyes. My new friend told me that a correctly shaped eyebrow is like a mini-face lift, and I am now a believer. I'll try to get a picture tomorrow if anyone is interested. Or maybe not.

This is our story that took us from cows to brows in less than 24 hours.

Now if it would just rain.


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