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Kind of Laid Back

"Life on the farm is kinda laid back...."

Except for that stress thing.

I saw a clip of John Denver early this morning on TV and bits and pieces of his music have been popping into my head ever since.

So, I decided it is time for a farm update post.

This has just been a crazy growing season with everything about a month ahead of schedule. For the first time EVER we had corn tasseling on June 11. We knew it was going to be early because  it was up on March 31, but to actually witness it was just weird.

Sometimes we don't even have our corn planted on June 11 if we have a wet spring.

I took this pic the evening of March 31. The corn has just barely broken the ground.

Our corn and beans look just like they should-dark green and growing practically before our eyes.


We really, really need some rain. We got about an inch a couple of weeks ago, but ideally we need an inch a week to raise a great crop.

Farmers have a saying, "Rain makes grain."
This is our almost-six-foot son standing in the same field about 2 weeks ago.

Until rain comes, we just go about our business and hope and pray we get some. And with a few exceptions during my husband's farming career, God has provided rain at just the right time. Even during those drought years, God still provided and we were fine, somehow.

Farming is not for wimps. Or sissies. Or cry babies.

A farmer can do everything on his end exactly right, but if mother nature doesn't cooperate, it may all be for nothing.

I know at our house, we cling to this promise from scripture...
"For everything there is a season...... A time to sow and a time to reap."

No matter what, my husband will always say, "Thank God. I'm a country boy."

Thanks, John.



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