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Friday Fashion Fun....How Not to be a Drive-by Shopper


Good Morning, friends!

What an interesting week this has been-one of emotional contrasts, for sure. We have been first hand participants in the Circle of Life the last few days, and it helps put things into perspective.

One of my closest friends lost her father earlier this week, so I did what we do in our community at the time of death. I cooked food for the family, I called, I texted, I prayed for her and those close to her.

In the midst of all of this, we got the phone call we had been waiting for. Our daughter-in-law was in labor and our sweet little angel was on the way!

Death and new life.

And on it goes.

Hannah Grace was born right after midnight on October 3, the same day as her great-great aunt. I can't wait to get a picture of the two of them together! Hannah is a gorgeous baby with gobs-and I mean gobs-of dark hair, and she is a perfect blend of her mommy and daddy.

I can't show pics because my neither of my sons want photos of their kids plastered all over the internet. I totally understand, so I honor their wishes, of course. But, goodness, I do want to share their adorable little faces.

You will just have to trust me that they are cutie pies!

Now on to our fashion moment for today.....

As you know if you read this post, I am trying hard to avoid being a drive-by shopper.

I'm sharing a couple of items in my wardrobe that I would replace in a heartbeat if they were destroyed by fire or bleach. Maybe you might want to give these fashion items a try!

Boyfriend Jeans 

As per the recommendation of Angie, on You Look Fab, I tried on these "Catherine" jeans by Kut from the Kloth. I got mine from Nordstroms. I know this store can be very pricey-but I have found that I love shopping during the twice a year sales and have gotten some good deals. I generally purchase my jeans there, and for the matter, my bras, too. The sales associates are so helpful. 

                                                           KUT from the Kloth 'Catherine' Slim Boyfriend Jeans (Royal)

Kut from the Kloth is like premium denim without the premium price. I can totally justify paying $80 for jeans because the cost per wear is so low. I have had these since summer, and I don't even know how many times I have already worn them.

Ponte Knit Blazer 

I was happy to see that Gap is still offering their super comfy, super versatile Ponte Academy Blazer. For some reason, I am unable to copy the image, so you will need to click over to see it.

Anyhoo. I bought this little number on sale last year and I love it. It polishes up my outfits and the knit (when I was a kid, this kind of fabric was called double knit...now it is called ponte knit-sounds so much better, don't you think?)  makes it soooooo comfy. It is very versatile and comes in a variety of colors.

Crown Vintage Shoes

DSW carries my new favorite shoe brand, Crown Vintage. These shoes are just the cutest ever and quite unique. I love that the styles are a bit quirky and decently priced. I wish they were as comfy as my Clarks, but they are certainly 3-4 hour shoes for me.

Crown Vintage Amber Oxford Flat

Crown Vintage Wendy Bootie

I have the top pair in black and love them with tights and knee length skirts and dresses or jeans. I love the bottom pair and want to try them on the next time I ventured to a town large enough to have a DSW.

All of the things can be worn multiple ways and have a decent cost per wear-win, win for me!

Well, that's it for today girls. 

I have a new granddaughter to hold, and we all know it just doesn't get better than this!

Go give your special people a hug, tell them you love them, and have a great weekend.


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