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Friday Fashion Fun


I used to be a drive-by shopper.

This isn't my car, but I would love to have a '57 station wagon this color.

 Our lives used to be entirely eaten up with sporting events and other activities our boys were involved in. I loved every minute of it, but I had VERY little time to look for cute clothes for me. When we did have to make a trip to the mall -we live about an hour from only so-so shopping- it was usually to look for some kind of sports equipment for the game of the season. 

My boys could spend an hour looking at and trying on basketball shoes or workout shorts, but their patience ran thin if I wanted to try on anything! Anybody with me here?

Instead, I became very adept at dashing into a store, grabbing a ton of things, running for the dressing room, and buying whatever looked half-way decent that was also on sale. As a result, I ended up with a closet full of clothes that didn't really go together, and I never felt like I had anything to wear. 

I wanted to purchase outfits. 
I wanted someone else to put things together for me.

All that changed for me when I discovered You Look Fab. This blog is written by Angie, who is an actual fashion stylist in the Northwest.  Through reading this blog and studying the outfits posted on the reader forum, I began to have fun with fashion again. 

Now, I try to only buy things that can be worn at least three ways.

Now, I consider cost per wear of an item. If I will wear it over and over, I will spend more money on it. I used to spend more for clothes for special occasions than for "regular" clothes. Not any more! 

Now, I get rid of things in my closet that don't make me happy. I try not to keep things that I am not ever going to wear. Purge! Purge! Purge!

Now, I get a kick out of mixing and matching and finding new ways to wear my old things.

Now, I look for fashion inspiration on the net for ideas I can use to dress me!

Don't you love this?

chambray shirt and a yellow pencil skirt

Sorry for the blurry picture from polyvore, but you get the idea. I have this wool skirt and a chambray shirt. I think I will wear something like this on Sunday. BTW-I don't have that skinny waste and those long legs!

Black and Green
I also like this look. I have an old black turtleneck, and a white puffer vest  from Wal-mart . I can add my gray booties and a scarf and have a cute outfit.

These shoes are way-out of my comfort zone, but I like the blue sweater. I have one that is similar, probably 15 years old, but I still like it and wear it, and I think it looks nice with this skirt, too!

Some things haven't changed for me.
I still live far away from good shopping and wear my yoga pants way too much, but I do have fun with clothes again.

And for me, that is a good thing!

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