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Fashion Friday-Copycat Inspiration


Good Morning, Girls!

We finally have some cooler temps this morning after several record breaking days of heat. Fall clothes are really starting to look appealing.

So, I have been looking at my favorite Polyvore girls to get some outfit inspiration. The girls I follow have similar taste, and I have similar items in my closet already. The pictures just help me to visualize different ways to put my basics together.

These looks are very copycatable.

I Love My Shiny Ponies
I don't have heels like this, but I do have some zebra flats that will work.

Last Weekend's OOTD
This isn't fall-ish, but I like the color combo which I can totally copy from my closet.
Untitled #216
This is just plain cute, don't you think?
Hello I'm Pchick60, and I'm a J. Crew Factory Addict
Remember last week, when we discussed ( Ok. I discussed.) fashion trends for fall? This outfit nails it.

If you like these looks, check out pchick60 on Polyvore.

If you missed my Fall Fashion 2013 trend post, you can find it here.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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