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Fashion Friday-Fall 2013

I have been in a fashion slump this summer, but I feel myself slowing coming out of it. One of my favorite parts or working full time was getting dressed in the morning. I enjoyed playing with my clothes and coming up with different combinations-some winners, some not!

Since I don't have a 9-5 job anymore, my wardrobe needs have changed. I am still trying to develop a busy-grandma-on-the go wardrobe, so that I don't fall into the habit of wearing my yoga pants everywhere I go. (Although, as a Holy Yoga teacher, I LOVE yoga pants!)

According to my extensive research (NOT), here are some trends for this fashion season:

Wearing 9/6/2013
I really like this polyvore set by My 4 Boys. I like lots of the outfits she puts together. 
1. Great Outerwear

I don't need a new coat, but I do plan to wear the coats I do have on a more equal basis. I tend to grab the same one over and over.

2. Hats

Hats and I just do not get along. I look like a total dork in one.

3. Classic prints: Think menswear plaid, houndstooth

I love classic prints, and I actually have a pencil skirt in a large houndstooth check way back in the depths of my closet that is too big. Maybe I will spend a little money to have it altered. I really should.

4. Leopard prints are still huge

I am good in this department. I have a leopard print scarf that literally goes with everything, and I also bought the cutest little leopard cardigan this summer that was reduced, reduced, reduced from last winter. 

5. Emerald Green

I am going to look for a dress in this color, I think.

6. Layering

Lots of girls at She Speak were rocking leggings and cute tunics this summer. I thought leggings were kaput, but maybe they aren't. I have been noticing skinny ponte knit pants that look pretty cute and could take the place of leggings. I might try to look for some at Chicos. Have any of you bought their hold-in-your tummy pants?

7. Winter White

I intend to wear my white jeans all winter long.

8. Peplums

I found a cute little peplum top at TJ Maxx dirt cheap earlier this summer. I haven't really worn it all that much because it is sleeveless and it was too hot most of the time to wear a cardigan. Maybe I can "fall it up" with my jean jacket and boots.

9. Leather this and that

Nothing new on the horizon here.

10. Military inspired looks

I would really like a pair of very subtle camo jeans even though my sister said it might be pushing it at my age. Hummph.

I also may break down and buy the J Crew factory military jacket in the picture above, if I can find my size at some kind of reduced price.

11. Black shoes


12. Tall boots

Good here.

13. Booties

I have one pair, but I would like another pair that is tighter around the angle. The ones I have look great with tights and a skirt or dress, but......

14. Something quilted

Not sure if I will jump into this trend or not.

One thing I am sure of. I will NOT be wearing this little number!

from Alexander Mcqueen via style.com
So friends, what fashion plans do you have for this fall?


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