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Our Glamping Adventure Begins


Remember last summer when Brad and I attended a local vintage camper rally?  The bug bit us both and my sweet husband started looking.

And he found us one!
from my pinterest boards via Sarah Belle Studio

Brad and I celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary this week with our first  foray out of our county with our 1976 vintage Airstream.

I have to say it was way more fun than our shared colonoscopy experience a few anniversaries ago!

I didn't really know if I was the camping type, but I discovered after our long weekend away, that I absolutely LOVED it. Our little space, the fresh air, the views, the time to relax-it was all good!

We found our little tin can online, drove to Indiana with the truck, and bought it-behavior that is very unusual for my used-to-be-a-banker-now-a-farmer-analytical husband. We didn't do spreadsheets or anything, just made an offer that was accepted!

For trial runs, we took the trailer to our local state park a few nights, but we were so busy at that time, that we would race in there about 10:00 p.m. and leave by 6:00. Not a fair rehearsal, but it did give us a chance to figure things out before taking her/him on the road.

Lucking out, we found a great spot on a point of the lake which gave us beautiful views of the sunrise.

We hiked.
We biked.
We napped.
We laughed.

And I dreamed of what I want to do to make our camper more "us" without really making it just more "me".

These are pics from my Pinterest Boards via Rhonna Farrar. Don't you just love them?

Are any of you glampers? Or want to be? 

I would love to hear about your camping experiences. Educate me!


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