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Life Dreams

Once in awhile you see something that makes your heart go BOOM! There is an instant connection and smiles break out in abandon.

That is how I feel about these little darlings!

I have never been a girl who likes to rough it, but there is just somethin', somethin' about an adorable old camper that screams my name.

I dream of having one parked beside our own little pond and spending fun times there with our family and friends.

                              I would be a happy camper in this camper!
                                    sweet vintage camper
couldn't be cuter
We ventured across the state line on Saturday to a vintage camper rally in Indiana. I was smiling the whole time we walked around, dreaming and learning what we like and don't like in these sweet little trailers.

Aren't these little cuties? There were 50+ campers at this rally!
I just know this one would have been adorable on the inside, too, but the owner was no where to be found, and I couldn't see anything when I peeked in the windows. Shoot.

Our search for our very own Argosy has begun.

And since one thing leads to another, we will also need to find one of these......


Do any of you have a vintage camper? Does anybody else want one?


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