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Weight Watcher Wednesday-Food Favs

Good Morning, Blog Buddies!

Well, I have been back on Weight Watchers almost 3 weeks now, and I am starting to get into the routine. I still don't remember to track my food when I am out and about (even with the app I downloaded onto my phone (frown), but I have started to lose some of those holiday pounds.

My food-baby is shrinking!

Sidebar: I first read that term on Brett's blog. She posts pics of her cute outfits...and she isn't in her 20's. Go check her out if you need some fashion inspiration!


Today, I hope we can get a little conversation started about our favorite I-have-got-to-get-control-of my eating-foods.

I'll go first.

Healthy life Multi-Grain English Muffins.....2 WW points plus

I have one of these almost every morning with low fat peanut butter.

Vitalicious Vita-Tops....Chocolate Pomegranate...3 WW points plus

 If you have a sweet teeth like I do, these little treats may just satisfy you through an Oreo-craving episode. You may be able to find them at your grocery store, but I usually order mine online..

Cocoa Roast Almonds....100 calorie pack....3 WW points plu

I try to always have a pack of these in my purse. They have kept me out of  the fast food drive through lane several times by holding off starvation and stomach growling until I have a chance to choose a healthy meal.

Diana from this blog told me that she has given up sugar altogether because "one cookie was too many and 100 cookies weren't enough" and I can totally relate to that.

Can anyone say "addiction"?

Thank goodness there are some foods available that help me fight off the craving before it takes hold yet again and I eat everything in sight.

I have a ways to go in my healthy eating journey. I need to drink lots more water and I don't eat enough dairy, and I still eat too many processed foods (and I just wrote about two of them-dang it), but at least I am making progress. 

You might want to try these cranberry walnut muffins-totally not processed!

OK, girls! Now it is your turn. 

What foods help you to maintain control? Please share!


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