Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weight Watcher Wednesday-Food Favs

Good Morning, Blog Buddies!

Well, I have been back on Weight Watchers almost 3 weeks now, and I am starting to get into the routine. I still don't remember to track my food when I am out and about (even with the app I downloaded onto my phone (frown), but I have started to lose some of those holiday pounds.

My food-baby is shrinking!

Sidebar: I first read that term on Brett's blog. She posts pics of her cute outfits...and she isn't in her 20's. Go check her out if you need some fashion inspiration!


Today, I hope we can get a little conversation started about our favorite I-have-got-to-get-control-of my eating-foods.

I'll go first.

Healthy life Multi-Grain English Muffins.....2 WW points plus

I have one of these almost every morning with low fat peanut butter.

Vitalicious Vita-Tops....Chocolate Pomegranate...3 WW points plus

 If you have a sweet teeth like I do, these little treats may just satisfy you through an Oreo-craving episode. You may be able to find them at your grocery store, but I usually order mine online..

Cocoa Roast Almonds....100 calorie pack....3 WW points plu

I try to always have a pack of these in my purse. They have kept me out of  the fast food drive through lane several times by holding off starvation and stomach growling until I have a chance to choose a healthy meal.

Diana from this blog told me that she has given up sugar altogether because "one cookie was too many and 100 cookies weren't enough" and I can totally relate to that.

Can anyone say "addiction"?

Thank goodness there are some foods available that help me fight off the craving before it takes hold yet again and I eat everything in sight.

I have a ways to go in my healthy eating journey. I need to drink lots more water and I don't eat enough dairy, and I still eat too many processed foods (and I just wrote about two of them-dang it), but at least I am making progress. 

OK, girls! Now it is your turn. 

What foods help you to maintain control? Please share!



  1. Best of luck. Food babies are no fun! I read another blog (Versatile Style by Tracey) and she is currently on WW. She has had an amazing weight loss journey. Heather

  2. Congratulations on doing so well with your diet.

  3. Oh my the discipline it takes to do this, and you should be feeling better at this point too! I love the choc roasted almonds. I once followed Prevention's flat belly diet and saw results from that. For me, having a protein and veges at every meal that helped me feel full so I would stop eating. My favs are eggs, peanut butter, and chicken. Going too long without eating is a major way for me to lose control, I get ravenous!

  4. Susan, I wish you the best of luck. I have tried to just not eat sugars, since Christmas. I have lost 8 pounds...for me that is a lot. I would love to lose 30-40 pounds...but I'll go slowly and be happy with 10-20 for now. Thinking of you today. xoxo,Susie

  5. woohooo!! I love those almonds aren't they the greatest!! Congrats:)

  6. I have a sweet tooth so I keep strawberries as well as red grapes on hand - just as yummy as candy.

  7. That muffin recipe is a must try for me and thank you for posting Brett's blog...always nice to see someone who is out of their 20's! I have been working on this eating healthy but I still slip because I bake with the kids. A little bit of dark chocolate goes a long way for me and I guess it is better than me eating a bowl of cookie dough...ha! Keep up the hard work!!!

  8. Proud of you, Skinny!
    I ate some walnuts and apricots before supper. I like them, and prunes are good too. Dates are good too! I love almonds.
    Happy Valentine's eve :)

  9. I have been doing the watching my weight thing too. I love nabisco's chocolate covered pretzels 100 calorie. I have the sweet tooth prob too!Once you get into the groove though it is do able.I had to restrain myself the other day at the grocery store the other day when I passed the double stuffed oreos! They were pleading to get in my cart! Good luck! Traci

  10. Ha Susan, I promise you I picked that term up on someone else's blog along the way.
    I didn't know about the choc/pom Vita Tops... I love those when I am running late to eat out the door
    One of my new fav snacks is mixing 1/2 a banana and a TBL peanutbutter, spread on low fat graham cracker and freeze. It is like an ice cream sandwich. I don't know about ww points, but I love it and it is yummy

  11. I see that you and nancygrayce have "met"...she reminds me of you and her husband of Brad!

  12. You go girl! Proud of you. I am thinking the Lord will release me to begin WW again soon. I hear fruit is FREE now!

  13. I have 10lbs to shed. I never had weight issues until the past year. I am getting older, peri menopausal and just not feeling great about my weight. I had a reality check today. I have to try some of these snacks.

  14. Stevia is a God send to me. I can enjoy raw milk cocoa and sweeten it with Stevia and I feel like I've had a meal. Yummy bone broth can take the place of a nutritious and warm on a cold day. And a great cup of hot Chai sweetened with stevia is like a dessert mid morning. The best help though is my husband giving up his wonderful cookies (and thus making them) for lent. When we have those in the house I'm sunk.
    So happy for you to be finding success and losing that 'baby' Yay you!!

  15. Good for you! Weight Watchers is such a great program. Your post has got me inspired to get going on my healthy eating again. I had to laugh at the Diana quote, she just cracks me up.



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