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Phyllis Blogger

When I was a kid, I enjoyed hearing my grandma share stories of the past. She told me about the first time she rode in a car, went away to college and after one week was so homesick she had to go home. That 30 miles might as well have been 3,000 considering how frequently she was going to be able to visit her family.

Later, the "hard road" was constructed and travel became a little easier, but people didn't make unnecessary trips up and down the road for the heck of it. My dad tells the story of walking 13 miles home from basketball practice one night because he missed his ride, and no one could come get him.

Grandma was also afraid of the microwave and had to have many lessons and finally, written step by step instructions on how to operate it.

She would probably faint if she caught a glimpse of the technology available to us today, and sometimes I also want to!

How can a girl keep up?!

A Vintage Farmwife is one way I am trying. The blog world has changed my life in very pleasant ways. I love the way the world seems a little smaller now that I have new "friends" in lots of places.

I was so happy when I learned that I would be able to actually meet face to face with one of my favorite bloggers, Phyllis. I call her Phyllis Blogger in my head and that is how she is now listed in my phone.

This darling southern gal blogs at Blissitydoodah (I LOVE that name, don't you?) and lives on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee, front yard in one state and back yard in the other. I'm not sure which is which though. I'll have to ask.

She is quirky and funny and sweet and encouraging and loves Jesus, too. All things I desire in a friend.

Please excuse my car-hair. We woke up at 2:30 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep so we were packed and on the road by about 3:15. Then I got sleepy and wallowed around the front seat trying to get comfy, which left me with strange poofs!

We spent an hour or so having coffee and dessert at Cracker Barrel  and we talked a mile a minute. The funny thing was our husbands did, too! Her sweet son was such a good sport about the whole thing and took our picture for us.

I am excited to become better acquainted and I really, really want to go to her antique booth and to her next barn sale.

Please click over and say hello, follow along, and get to know my new friend, Phyllis Blogger. You will love her!

Have you had any blogger meet-ups? I have met two others:  Angie from You Look Fab and Michelle from Vintage Junky. They were just as nice as could be, too.

I'd love to hear your stories, too!


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