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May I Introduce


Vintage Junky - Creating Character

I was fortunate to stop near Nashville recently to pay a visit to a very cool shop, Vintage Junky.
Lucky me!

Isn't Michelle a cutie?

Check out the SWEETNESS in her store.


Bits and Pieces and Pennants

Blue Chair and Trombone

Cute Towels and Boxes

Lard Cans, Suitcases, and White Chair

Ironstone, Frames, and Religious Artifacts

State Fair Ribbon Bookmarks

Lots of Miscellaneous Adorableness

Michelle, Jack, and Me!

I loved that this was a family affair with Mr. Junky, little Jack and Mommy all together on a Saturday morning. Sharing the love is a good thing.

What a sweet, friendly family!

If you live in the area or passing through, I say STOP. It was definitely worth the trip.

Where are your favorite places to shop in the Nashville area?


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