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Odds, Ends, and Random Things


What a beautiful, beautiful day we have been blessed with!

The sun is shining brightly, the snow is melting, and the birds are singing. January days like this are a gift, but honestly, they make me a bit nervous.

Surely, we won't have another early spring. Remember last year? Our early spring brought  stormy weather. to Southern Illinois. And then a terrible drought.

Personally, around this farm, we are ready for NORMAL weather.

Pearl is enjoying the morning sun, and I bet she is not worrying a bit.

What are you reading these days? Any good books to recommend?

I am really enjoying a book I received for my birthday, The Pact, by Jodi Picoult. She is a great author and always manages to get to the heart of the story.

                                   Product Details

And I am catching up on Downton Abbey. Are you a fan? I LOVE the show. As usual, I am a bit behind the times and just watched Season 1 on Netflix last winter. I had great hopes that I could get my husband hooked on the show too, but he hasn't seen the light quite yet. We are working our way through Season 1 again -with me enraptured and him yawning a bit.

I have Season 2 just waiting, and the DVR recording Season 3.

I have hopes Brad will soon catch Downton Fever and start calling me M' Lady instead of Lady Logarithm.

We hardly watch TV at all in the spring, summer, or fall, but we do enjoy a good show on a winter evening. We are BOTH  totally loving Parenthood.

So, people, what are you doing for fun on these long winter nights?


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