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It Has a Good Beat and Is Easy to Dance To

When we were in Florida  recently, (remember when our basement flooded?) we hit the jackpot and were there for the 30A Songwriters Festival.

We love that little stretch of highway beside the ocean, and being there for the festival was an added bonus.

This is a three day festival, but since this was our first time to attend (and we are tightwads), we bought wristbands for Saturday only. We spent the entire day and evening going from small venue to small venue listening to some of the best music ever!

We were up close and personal with the artists and their acoustic guitars, with the occasional bass, banjo, or mandolin thrown in for good measure.

I guess this was my week to converse with the music crowd.

And I loved it!

One of my favorites of the entire weekend was The Honeycutters. Their music was described as "Americana". I had never heard that term applied to music before and had no idea that I would like it so much.

I also loved that they were selling their two CD's out of a vintage suitcase.

These were my kind of people, people.

I have played When Bitter Met Sweet, the Cd we bought, over and over and over. It is a great one to sing along with....even if you are like me and can't sing well. (Sad face.)

Amanda writes all the lyrics and the girl has some stories to tell.

Even when the story was kind of sad, the music just makes me feel happy.

After my close encounter of the Americana kind, I hope my little granddaughter will not only learn to play the violin, but will also learn to play the fiddle.

Maybe I should take up the banjo!

I would love to know what music you are enjoying. Would you please share with us?


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