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Popcorn Ceilings, Tubs, and a Happy Farmwife

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We built our house 24 years ago, but I don't feel like I have ever finished decorating it. I like to change things up, and I don't want our farmhouse to look stuck in the 1980's even though mauve, blue, popcorn ceilings, and floral wallpaper seemed perfect at the time.

I love my Ballard Design mirrors and the lighting from Shades of Light.

Two rooms we had never really shaken up much besides wallpaper and paint were the upstairs baths. That finally changed this summer.

If you have every done much remodeling, you know the dirt, stress, and frayed nerves involved.

Big fat yuck.

And we didn't even do the work ourselves.

I smile everytime I look at the wire basket I bought in Michigan and the glass jar that came from the old general store that used to be in our little community.

I bet you think I am a big baby.

Please forgive me for complaining.

I shared some of my bathroom dreams with you in February when I thought the carpenter was going to start right away. "Right away" turned into May, so I had more time than I thought to get my act together.

See the old shelf I bought at Covered Bridge? 

I am so aggravated that I didn't take before pictures, so you will just have to trust me that the bathrooms look 100% better now.

I'm going to share with you some lessons I learned during this round of remodeling. Here we go.

  1. Get good advice from someone who knows what she is doing.
I am lucky to have a very good friend who also happens to be a good decorator with her own interior design business. She showed me new products and gave me great ideas that I would not have thought of myself. Love that girl!

     2. Pin away.

I made good use of pinterest, and all those pictures were a great visual for the designer when it came time to craft the vanities. I didn't really have the right words to describe the look I wanted, so my pictures told the story for me.

     3. Talk with your builder before you spend  several days stripping wallpaper to find out if he is going to be putting in all new drywall. Enough said.

After spending days and days cleaning the whole house from top to bottom trying to get rid of all the drywall dust, popcorn ceiling flakes, and just plain dirt that found its way into EVERYTHING, we have been back to normal for over a month. 

We love our transformed bathrooms. I'll show pictures of the other one soon.

And now I am dreaming of our next project.

Shhhhh! Don't tell my farmer.


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