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Bathroom Dreaming and Panicking


I have been dreaming of updating our bathrooms for some time now, and my dream is about to come true. Our carpenter is supposed to start in February, and after all this time of thinking about it, I'm not sure exactly what I want.

Yeeks! This is supposed to be fun and the stress isn't supposed to start until the construction mess begins! I have to start making some decisions NOW.

Here are some pictures from my pinterest board that appeal to me.  What do you think?

                                              love the walls and ceiling
edited to add source  theenchantedhome.blogspot.com

I love the tub, the chandelier, and the white cabinet.
edited to credit source

 like the mirror.like the vanity
edited to add picture source brightcd via flicker

In this room, I gives thumbs up to the mirror and the vanity.

i like this floor
edited to add pic source blondieinsc

Isn't the floor beautiful?

love this white bathroom from country living

This photo was in the latest Country Living. I love this room. I'm not crazy about this particular sign, but I do like the idea of a sign.

love armoires filled with towels and linen
source http://www.google.com.

Such a pretty piece of furniture

I have many more bathroom pins, but I am definitely seeing a trend. I honestly never thought about going through each photo to identify just what it is that I specifically like about each room until just now. I can see that it is really going to help me get things narrowed down a bit.

If you have any bathroom remodel tips, please send them my way. I'd really appreciate your advice and tips.

I wonder if Brad would faint if I told him I wanted to replace a door to our bathroom with this? Love it from country living
edited to add source countryliving.com

Couldn't resist posting one more pin. I love, love, love this door! I must have one.

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