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Hunters and Hounds

My granddad was a man's man.

One of my new favorite finds is the iron window frame from City Farmhouse in Franklin, Tennessee.

He was a hard worker and provided for his wife and children. He had great big hands that were rough and callused from work and weather.

He loved Jesus and showed it by helping others.

I love these blue glass fishing weights I found in Michigan this summer.

He was a friend to everyone he met and often brought an extra to the table for dinner.

He loved his family and got a big kick out of his grandkids. There were a whole mess of boys and four girls and we were together a lot. There were many games of kick the can, lots of visiting while sitting in the yard on metal lawn chairs and the old glider, and gobs of delicious food.

He was a fan of AS the World Turns, and he and grandma watched it together almost every day right after lunch. I was always slightly scandalized - all that adultery and immoral living, you know. Grandma never watched it again after Granddad died.

These two hunting pictures used to hang above my granddad's desk. No one else wanted them, but I love them.

He whittled. I don't remember that he ever made anything, but he seemed to always have his pocket knife out and a stick in his hand, whittling away.

He loved horse racing and county fairs.



And bird hunting.

Gosh, we kind of sound like The Waltons!

My fall mantel is dedicated to him.

I am so blessed that I had a grandfather and father who loved their wives and Jesus. I never doubted for a minute that I was deeply loved by both of them. What security that gave me!

My super crafty friend whipped up this little pumpkin. Isn't it sweet?

I don't take it for granted.

What are your favorite memories of your granddad?


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