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Vintage Glider Love

Welcome to our home!

Last summer, I wanted a vintage glider in the worst way. Two of them sold at an auction for big $, and our family bought one of them for my sister for a you-received-your-new-lungs-15-years-ago-and-we-are-so-happy-you-got-your-life-back gift. My cousin bought the other one. I would not bid against her. So hard to keep my hand down!

I found this funky fabric at our local junk store for $1.50 a yard-love it!

I would see gliders in random places too far away from home to go back with the truck and purchase, or they weren't for sale.

My aunt even sold one at a garage sale. I didn't even know she had an old glider. Boo!!!!!!

Then one day I learned my GRANDMA and GRANDAD'S old glider was in their old barn. My grandparents have been dead for years, but this was the glider I remember sitting in as a kid! I was thrilled even though it was a rusted mess and not in very good shape. I, unfortunately, didn't take any pictures of the dear thing before I took it for some welding and a new paint job.

I found this mirror at Second Hand Rose for cheap. It was gold then.

This suitcase came from my great aunt. One of her kids attended Butler University.

I love my old family glider and I am so glad that I come from people who didn't throw anything away.

I wish you lived close enough to come drink tea, sit, and chat!


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