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Have you read.......?


Last week, while we were in Montana, we had no TV and only our smartphones for internet (which for me was like no internet because I don't like to go online much on my phone-I'm a tightwad and am afraid  I'll use my bytes. or gigs. I'm such a techie!), and guess what? I really didn't miss either one.

I am a political junky, but I found that I LOVED being away from all the election hullabaloo, and realized that I am a much- less- stressed person without it.

I know who I am going to support and why, so do I really need to know all the lies and declarations made by the other side? No, I don't.

Note to self: Limit election coverage.

I did miss the Internet and my cyber-friends, but after the first 24 hours or so, I knew they wouldn't really miss me and I was going to be fine for a week without them.

Instead of sitting before a screen, I took the opportunity during our free time to read two books by two of my favorite authors.

Kudos to Sophie and Emily!

The first book I finished was  I've Got Your Number. I've read every book this funny girl has written and loved everyone one, with the exception of Twenties Girl. Her main characters appeal to me because I see similar characteristics in my friends and me-although her mains always seem to find themselves in situations with the rich and famous. That doesn't happen to my people! If you are looking for a light romantic read with a character to root for, give this book a try.

Image from google via someone's blog which I can't see well enough to credit. Sorry.

Another big thumbs up to Emily Giffin's new book, Where We Belong. This book is about a much more serious subject, adoption. I love the way Giffin presented the points of view of the birth mom and the adopted daughter. Trying to understand a situation from multiple viewpoints comes in handy in real life, would you agree?   


I'm glad to be home and back online to catch up with all the great things you girls have been up to, but I am going to try really hard to keep finding and reading good books. I set a goal for myself of 52 books this year and so far, I've read less than 20. I had better get busy!

Suggestions anyone?



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