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Holy Yoga is for Everyone-even You!

This is a photo of a quilt that I took on our trip to the Northeast last fall. Isn't it a beauty? I hope whoever made it went to yoga often! They would certainly need to open up the chest after the hours spent over the sewing machine creating this masterpiece

Hello, friends!

The groundhog saw his shadow and that means an early spring. It seems like he was right on the mark today. It is gorgeous here as I'm writing this especially for February! The sunshine works wonders for my state of mind. How about you? We were made to live in the light-in more ways than one.

One way to improve our mood any day is to get up and move. And it doesn't matter how old we are or what kind of physical shape we are in.  Our Creator made our bodies to feel better when we are moving. Unfortunately, not everyone is able or wants to do a vigorous power yoga class. Those who have replacement joints, problems with balance, trouble getting up and down from the floor, are extremely inflexible, or recovering from an injury or illness may find Chair yoga is one way to maintain range of motion and general health.

Recently, my 86 year old dad's doctor prescribed yoga or tai chi to help build strength and improve balance. I'm sure my dad never dreamed he would be attending one of my Holy Yoga classes, but when I heard what the doctor ordered, I jumped all over it. I began reading and researching and practicing yoga in a chair myself and was delighted that a complete practice can be done either in the seat of chair or using the chair for a little help with balance in standing poses. I began teaching a class at a local church.

Serendipitously, Holy Yoga was offering a specialty training at just at the right time. I honestly thought I could teach chair yoga without it, but I signed up anyway. Once again, my Holy Yoga people are knocking my socks off with the quality of their training. I am learning soooo much about chair yoga itself and how to help individuals maintain independence as they grow older.

Guess what? I think anyone who can't comfortably do traditional yoga should give Holy Yoga chair a try. Here are the reasons why:

Benefits of Chair Yoga:

1. Increases circulation
2. Stimulates digestion
3. Improves balance
4. Increases health of joints and decreases joint pain
5. Increase energy levels
6. Increases strength, flexibility, respiration
7. Decreases risk for osteoporosis, therefore, fractures
8. Releases endorphins which combats depression
9. Improves sleep and insomnia
10. Improves posture and range of motion

And a few more because why stop at 10?

11. Relieves stress, tension, and anxiety
12. Improves foot and pelvic floor health
13. Reduces incontinence
14. Develops core strength and decreases back pain
15. Stimulates brain function

Or even 15? I think one of the best benefits of all is:

16. community.

These lovely people are just some of those enjoying the physical and mental benefits of chair yoga. They laugh and visit and move their bodies in new ways. And with Holy Yoga, they also get in touch with the True Healer through prayer, scripture, and worship music.

A benefit I didn't expect is also happening. Our little township lost its school a few years ago, and it has been really difficult to maintain a sense of community. There isn't a coffee shop or a grocery store or elevator anymore-all places where it was possible to run into your neighbors once in awhile. Bob's Hardware is still a place to gather, but usually the "loafers" there are just men.

Last week, I made a pot of coffee after class and these yogis spent an enjoyable hour catching up with one other and making new friends.

It was music to my ears!

If you would like more information about Holy Yoga or my classes, ask away. I could talk about it for days.


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