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Friday Fashion Fun


Hello, readers!

I don't know what is happening weather wise in your part of the world, but we have had a lovely week here on the prairie. We were blessed with 2 inches of rain, which finished making our bean crop, so the farmers around here can relax a little bit and enjoy the last days of summer. The temps are deliciously lower-I am even wearing a sweater this morning as I type this!

All this has me thinking about fall fashion. I haven't done any research or bought a fashion magazine yet, but I do have a little want-to-buy list in my head. Here are a few things on it.

Stalking One: I'm crazy about this casual look. I would still love a pair of very lightly distressed jeans like these even though they have been around awhile now and may be on the way out. Who cares?!

via pinterest

Stalking Two: I have been wearing lots of cardigans the last few years, but would like to transition to more jackets. Comfortable, stretchy jackets. I found a cute black pleather one at Marshalls a couple of years ago and have worn it and worn it, so this year, I'm looking for a brown one. But it must be easy to wear and reasonably priced so I don't have to be married to it for 10 years.

via pinterest

Stalking Three: I need a new pair of brown leather boots, too. I bought my last pair on sale at Macy's about 5 years ago and have worn the heck out of them. I have jumbo calves, so I really want to find some with a wider opening this time so I don't have to unzip them every whipstitch to allow my lower legs to calm down a bit when I wear them over jeans. Any suggestions, bigger calved sisters?

                                                                            via pinterest

I would love a pair of Frye's, but their $300 price tag makes them a NO for me. Even though I've been looking for 2 years, I'll just keep trying to find some.

Stalking Four: A Kendra Scott necklace or earrings...... so cute!

via pinterest

That's it for now! Saying YES to the PRESENT, so I'm not going to spend too much time thinking about fall as I wear my summer clothes for a few more weeks. 

I had a lot of fun this season with the Get Your Pretty On Summer Challenge and will definitely participate in the Fall Challenge. Be on the lookout for sign-up information here.

So, friends, what are you dreaming of for Fall?


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