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Get Your Pretty On!

Happy Monday Morning!

I have a sink full of dirty dishes, gobs of laundry to fold, Brad's suitcase still packed after almost a week, dust in places it shouldn't be, a party to prepare for this weekend, but I'm not working on any of it. Instead, I'm thinking about FASHION.

To be more specific, I'm thinking of the Get Your Pretty On Summer Challenge! Have you heard of it?

A friend told me she thought I would enjoy Alison's blog, and she was right. When the email came out about the Summer Style Challenge, I jumped all over it. Who doesn't want to have cute outfit suggestions sent to her email box for 21 days? I'm planning to combine these outfits with the free outfits from a  previous challenge I also received, and I'm set for the summer.

Signing up includes access to a private facebook page and I can tell already I'm going to get some great ideas from the friendly challengers who are posting like crazy and VERY WELCOMING! They range in age from 20-70 somethings, so don't let those cute shorts in the picture above scare you off.

The suggested items can be found at every price point and at a variety of stores, including Target and Kohl's and JC Penney. I really like this feature because many of the other fashion bloggers I enjoy spend a bazillion dollars on clothes, which I am NOT willing to do. I want to wear my clothes, not marry them for life.

Early bird sign up for the Summer 2015 Challenge is open and is only $29.00 until May 28. That is just the price of a few magazines or a top that is bought and stays in your closet because you just don't have anything to wear with it.

So, what do you think? Want to join the fun with me?

You can read my other fashion ramblings here, or here.


In the spirit of full disclosure, if you purchase from my link, I will be compensated. This is the first ever affiliate link in which I have ever participated, and I'm only doing it because I think you will benefit, too. I'm planning to use any moula I make to purchase large bolsters for my new restorative Holy Yoga class. Namaste!


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