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This and That and Please Join the Fun!

Do you ever feel like you are just "out of it"? The other day at a track meet one of my dil's mentioned airbrush makeup. My response was "Huh?" I've never heard of such a thing, and I probably desperately need it!

As I was reading blogs the other day, one of my favorites, Flowerpatch Farmgirl, went old school and posted a list of sentence starters. I loved reading her answers and some of the comments, as well. I learned about some new this and that, so thought I would play along here.

Please share in the comments or post a link to your own blog so we can all learn from one another. Help me get in the loop of popular culture!

Reading: I've got a whole stack of books in progress. I used to read only fiction, but now I'm reading mainly nonfiction. The two on top are Yes Please  by Amy Poehler and Artisan Soul by Erwin Raphael McManus. SOOOOO Good!

Playing: We usually play a card game called "Hand and Foot" several times each winter with my aunt and uncle, but card playing season is over once the time changes. Now, my guys work until dark, but I am teaching myself how to doodle and to do hand-lettering, so that is the game I'm playing!

Watching: Brad and I are always behind on TV series and often just start watching right before the final season. We did it again this year. We have laughed uproariously this winter while having marathon sessions of Parks and Recreation. (See Amy Poehler above.)

Cooking: Just made a batch of Cinnamon Granola with real Maple syrup collected from local maple trees by a group of neighborhood men. It is DELICIOUS, and I love that these guys spend days and days every February making it.

Eating: Too much! Blech.

Drinking: I am now officially a coffee drinker, going this winter from an occasional cup in the morning to 2 cups, always. My favorite is either French Vanilla or Hazelnut light roast from Aldi. It is DELICIOUS, people. Try it. How about at my house?

Pinning, Crafting: I'm not spending a lot of time on pinterest, but when I am, I usually pin things for Holy Yoga or my new obsession-doodling!

Doing: I'm preparing to lead a new series for our Friday morning small group. We are doing Fight Back with Joy, and after watching the first two videos and reading a couple of chapters in the book, I know it is going to be just what the doctor ordered. I would like to make some graphics for everyone, but do you think I can teach myself graphic design by Friday? Heehee! You might remember JOY is my word of the year, and it just keeps popping up for me!

Going: Nowhere too exciting for a few weeks, but I did just get back from Holy Yoga Touch training in Memphis. And we took Pearl, our vintage airstream, and stayed on Blue Suede (I think that was its name) street at the Graceland campground. Fun!

Loving: Holy Yoga TV-It is a very reasonably priced monthly subscription to some great Holy Yoga classes. This month we are working on Bird of Paradise pose. Yowzers. I may never be able to do it! But it doesn't matter because it's not about the yoga.

Hating: That our lawn looks like a hay field because of all the rain we have been having. It has been way too wet to mow twice a week so it needs to be raked. That isn't going to happen because-5 acres. Hate is way too strong a word for this, so I'll say it is annoying.

Discovering: We are way more alike than different. Last Sunday evening, we had a Baptismal Renewal Service at our church. No, we didn't get re-baptized, but we did share how we came to the Lord. It was beautiful, and so many of us shared similar stories.

Enjoying: Evening gator rides with my husband. It is so fun to journey on the road less traveled with the air in our faces and our eyes wide open to the beauty of nature!

Considering: Last night I heard a tip that I may just adopt. I guess in Mary Kay, sales people are told to make a list every day of 6 things that you want to accomplish. Sounds like a good idea to me!

Thanking: I am so thankful for the beautiful cards on my windowsill, and that I have lovely friends who took the time to send them to me.

OK, friends. Now it's your turn. Can't wait to read your responses!


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