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Farmwife Fashion -Packing for the Beach Edition


We are at the beach this week and the weather has been perfect. I've been wearing shorts which just seems crazy since we had 8 inches of snow a week or so ago,  and have spent a lot of time in my swimsuit.

Once again, I drug way too many clothes down here. It is no big deal, but I spent too much time putting it in the suitcase and will have to hang it all back up when I get home. That is just a waste of time and effort.

I'm lazy like that.

I like clothes and I enjoy putting outfits together and looking my best, That doesn't mean dressing up or wearing expensive clothes. Maybe that is why my mind often goes totally blank when I pack for a trip. I tend to drag way too many shoes and enough separates that I probably could go for a month without repeating.

It is silly because MANY times, I wear the same 3 or 4 outfits over and over and over.When most of the day is spent in a swimsuit and we go to different places to eat, and we don't really see a lot of people we know, repeating is just easier! And we have a washer and dryer, so I DO NOT NEED TO PACK A FULL SUITCASE.

So, I think I need to create a "Florida" capsule- that I can repeat and tweak. I'm going to base it on our vacation routine.

Maybe this will help you, too.

Outdoor Stuff-We normally spend most of our time here outdoors-biking, hiking, walking on the beach. For those activities, I need a comfy pair of shorts (my favorites are drawstring knit Dan-skins from Walmart), a loose fitting t shirt or 2 (usually free ones from some event or another), socks and walking shoes, and a sweatshirt.  All of that stuff I can leave down here.

Beachwear: I have 2 swimsuits that are 5+ years old and 2 cover-ups that need to be replaced, so I am in the market for those. Boo. Does ANYONE enjoy shopping for a swimsuit? If so, please tell me what I need to do differently. I also have a couple of hats that I look ridiculous in and some cheap sunglasses. All of that stays.

PJ's and Such-I leave all that stuff there, so not packing any of that.

Yoga. I usually just practice in our condo or somewhere outside, but I also enjoy visiting at least one studio class per week. I need actual yoga clothes for that, so I'll leave some here. Some comfy slip on-y shoes- something with arch support. I NEVER want to have plantar fasciitis again, thank you. I need a new pair because I've been wearing my Uggs all winter.

Shopping and Lunch-There is great shopping on 30A and I generally spend at least one day out and about. I want to be comfy but not too "fussy" so I can easily try something on if I want to. For this, a nice pair of shorts or jeans will usually do the trick. Here is where I start to go cra-cra, throwing way too much into the suitcase. For a week, I bet two bottoms and 3 cute tops will do the trick. A pair of wedges in a neutral color will go with all.

Dinner and Music-There are many great venues for listening to great music or for watching theater. Nothing fancy is needed but, I like to have a fun outfit to wear. I can also wear this to church. I am a skirt fan, and a white jean fan, and a shift dress fan so ONE of these would be appropriate. I can add a statement piece of jewelry, a cute belt, and fit in. My cowboy boots usually work for this.

Have you heard of the Fashion Rule of 3? 

I read this somewhere. Put on your outfit and add one more thing that elevates your look a notch: a scarf, statement jewelry, jacket or cute sweater. I've been following the rule and it works!

To summarize for my future reference:

Shopping List:

cute hat
yoga pants to leave
yoga slippers to leave

Packing List:

jean shorts
boyfriend jeans
white jeans
3 tops
one other OUTFIT
statement necklace
cowboy boots
flat sandals

All of that will fit into a carry on bag and take about 10 minutes to pack and unpack.

Goodness. I feel better!

See you next time. The beach is calling.....


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