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Farmwife Fashion: Episode One-Cute but NOT Cheap


Well, it isn't really episode one, but I'm too lazy to look back and see how many times I actually have posted Friday Fashion Fun, so we are starting FRESH today with a new little series with a new name!

(Isn't blogging fun? I can imagine all of you (5? 10? 1?) smiling and saying you are fine with that as we rub our hands together with the excitement of pretty clothes.)


I got a facebook message the other day telling me I should share some clothing that I think everyone should have in her closet. I was shocked and flattered that someone wanted fashion advice from me, but I also thought it would be fun. So here we go!

My Current Fab Fashion Finds-Pricey Edition..........

ONE......The Blardigan

I learned about this little jewel (stay with me here-it's a 6 degree of separation thing) from one of my best friends who received one from her daughter who read about it on the great fashion blog Pinterest Told Me To. Debbie told me I HAD to have one the first time I saw her wear hers. 

It is a little piece of fashion-heaven here on earth-versatile, comfortable, cute. The only draw back is the price. It is an expensive little thing but I think it is worth every penny because you will not want to take it off. I have worn my gobs in the month or so that I have owned it. 

I even had to set boundaries for myself.....

Susan-You CANNOT wear this half blanket/half cardigan every single day. 

The cost per wear will be a negative number before it is worn out. So see. It's basically free!

This cute blogger is wearing it very well!

I got mine from Nordstrom in white/pewter ombre.

Two........The booties

I started seeing these cuties on fashion bloggers and knew I wanted a pair. This was my first time wearing Sam Edelman shoes, but once again these pricey booties are worth the price to me. 

They are more fashion forward than the tall boots everyone and their dog (including me) has been wearing and wearing and wearing.

And they are comfortable-wear all day comfy, the first day out. Adorable with cropped and rolled jeans, I also think they will look great with a skirt or dress that is the right length.

Here they are in this little outfit which I am totally going to copy tomorrow.

I ordered mine from Amazon with free shipping and no tax. But now Illinois has changed all that and we are charged tax now. Thanks, Springfield.

Three......J Crew Military Jacket

I have pined for this jacket for several years, but I just couldn't justify shelling out the dough. I didn't know how much I would wear it and how versatile it would be. 

I finally bit the bullet when I found it at a J Crew outlet store with an additional percentage off. I think I paid around $75 or it. You can buy it 25% off here. If you look, you might find something similar at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. I bought a similar sleeveless vest at a reasonable price at Marshalls that I have worn a bunch, too. 

And I am so glad I did. I have worn it several times and love how it ramps up an outfit and it is warm. So far, I have mainly worn it as I would a blazer, but I know I will enjoy it a lot this spring and fall as a lightweight coat.

I love the way this fashionista paired it with a skirt. I haven't done that yet, but now I will.

Four.....Black Leather Jacket

I bought a vegan black leather jacket at Marshalls last year and have worn the heck out of it. It keeps me warm and adds an extra sumthin' sumthin' to whatever I wear it with. I have worn it over dresses, with jeans, with skirts, blouses, sweaters, t-shirts. It is really a 3 season jacket for me. 

You need one!

Love this cool outfit from whowhatwear, don't you?

I really like this Topshop number and it is under $100 and is soooooo cute. 

Five......Gingham Shirt

If you don't have a gingham shirt, you must order one ASAP. They are the cutest things ever and for me, they are a neutral that can be mixed and matched with just about anything.

Mine is navy J Crew Outlet, but I think any color would be great. I've had mine for probably 3 years and it still looks great even though it has been laundered many times.

Don't know what to wear?

 Gingham Shirt + Just About Anything + Cute Shoes=READY!

I follow Mindy Mae's Market on Instagram. Do you?

I haven't ordered anything yet, but have been sorely tempted, especially by this.....

If you search pinterest for gingham shirts, you will get tons of outfit inspiration.

BTW-Look for me on insty under vintagefarmwife.

Well, ladies, that is it for today. I'd love to hear what you think about the five pieces I love from my own wardrobe that have become  go-to items. 

What are your closet favorites? Please share in the comment sections. 

Let's help each other avoid the frump and fashion-up! You can catch up with my other Friday Fashion Fun posts here.


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