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What to Do When you are Sick of Opinions

Warning: We interrupt this Advent season to present a post that is totally unrelated to anything festive or spendy. But I need to get this off my chest.

I've been worn out lately with my need to have opinions about things. Big things. Little things.

I'm sick of wasting my brain cells and "thinking" time on crises that are none of my bizwax.

Yesterday, this was brought to my attention in a new way.

I spent the morning with my parents in a little waiting room in a hospital surgery center, waiting for my mom to have a procedure. (Thankfully, everything was fine. But we have to wonder if the hospital had an opening to fill, found a senior citizen who might need a test, and called and told them it was scheduled. Hmmm. Surely not, cynical self.)

A short wait turned into a long one and dad turned on the TV. (My parents just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary and my dad's 85th birthday. You can read about it here..) These two are the original hard workers and watching the boob tube in the morning is just not in their regular routine- or mine.

Imagine our Shock and Awe when we discovered there was not one TV judge, but MANY.

Dad and I  watched with horror and, I must admit, a certain level of curiosity as these weirdos presented their cases before real-life judges in a courtroom. These cases involved friendship, condoms, hot sauce, bottle rockets, car payments, guitar classes, LA Lakers, hairless men, best friends, and a marriage proposal.

Who needs soap operas?

We laughed at them. We argued their points. We laid down the verdicts.

We agreed that we could never be real life judges because we have an aversion to stupidity.

I just about fell off my chair when I googled this morning and discovered all of these judges with their own TV shows:

Judge Alex
Judge Wapner's Animal Court
Judge David Young
Judge Hatchett
Judge Joe Brown
Judge Judy 
Judge Karen
Judge Maria Lopez
Judge Mathis
Judge Mills Lane
Moral Court
The People's Court
Power of Attorney

"Say What?"  she giggles in amazement.

I guess I am not the only one who is interested in judging and opinion-ing.

What is the deeper meaning of all of this? 

I'm beginning to wonder if all of this nosiness and concern and judgment of others  is really just an avoidance mechanism to keep from digging deep into our own messes. 

To avoid dealing with hard issues in our own hearts and minds.

Hmmm. What do you think?

The next time I spend a lot of words expressing opinions and listening to opinions and forming opinions, I'm going to pray and ask how all this relates to the condition of my heart. And then deal with it. 

Court dismissed.

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