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Now They're Cool

I was one of the lucky ones in fifth grade.

I flunked the vision test given at school by the county nurse. This was back in the day when the nurses in their white uniforms would show up- not to do lice checks, like they do now- but for vision and hearing checks. And the occasional school bus trip to the "big" school where we lined up in long rows and tried not to cry in front of our classmates when those same nurses gave us our vaccinations. Ouch.

I must admit I was a little excited about the possibility of wearing glasses then. That good feeling lasted about 24 hours. From then on, my eyes are instantly drawn to my glasses (she says in a sarcastic tone)  in every school picture -not the adorable little outfit my mom sewed up for me or my new perm with the short little bangs.

Winnie is actually wearing glasses that look more like the ones my grandma wore than mine at this age, but you get the idea.

Since then, I've suffered through lots of trials wearing contact lenses with no luck and many pairs of glasses. Ugly glasses. Cute glasses. Slightly-crooked-on-my-face glasses. Digging-into-my-nose-glasses. And sore-ear-glasses.

Now however, I am embracing my inner geek and claiming my nearsightedness.

And my bifocalness.

I am cheering that thanks to fashionistas like these in their cute specs, wearing glasses is now fashionable. Eyeglasses make a STATEMENT. And  add that certain "something" to a person's overall look.


I'm in the market for a new pair of glasses, and I've promised myself that I am NOT going to drive an hour and 15 minutes one way to find the perfect pair. I did that last time, and even though it has worked out fine and I do LOVE my old pair, it is just silly.

I don't have time to do that.

What if I need an adjustment or have problems? Too inconvenient.

The main reason though is that I WAY OVERPAID for my last pair. I don't keep financial secrets from my farmer husband, but he would CROAK if he knew how much I paid for the pair on my nose right now. 

Thankfully, he never asked. And I didn't offer the info. And snatched the credit card bill and paid it before he saw it.

This time, I 'm going to give Warby Parker glasses a try! This is an online company, with a few brick and mortar locations, that is doing the glasses thing a new way.

Here are some reasons the company appeals to me:

1. adorable frames
2. free shipping and returns
3. adorable frames
4. can test drive 5 pairs at a time to see which ones I like
5. adorable frames
6. reasonable prices
7. adorable frames
8. one pair given to someone in need for every pair purchased-so far a million pair
9. adorable frames
10. can still support my local optometrist with my eye exam

Their new Winter 2014 line is going to be revealed today and I will have NO PROBLEM finding 5 pairs that I can't wait to try.

So, how about you? What is your glasses story? Have you ordered from Warby Parker? Would you? Go check them out and let me know which pair is your favorite!

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