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Where do You Go To Fill the Empty?

Disclaimer: A large Diet Pepsi was consumed during the writing of this post. 

I, along with many people in our town, seem to be addicted to Polar Pops. The gas station on the corner is busy day and night with customers, young and old, bellying up to the pop fountain.

I've visited many times. It is cheap and self serve, so I can get the pop to ice ratio just the way I like it-heavy on the ice. I have seen and visited with many of my former students while getting my Diet Pepsi fix, so that is another good thing.

There are 3 sizes available- big, bigger, biggest.

Nobody gets a small pop anymore. Now the 32 ouncer isn't even enough; many people want the Super Duper Size. I, personally, have never purchased the 42 ounce size, mainly because it is just embarrassing.

Do you think soon someone will invent a tank we can carry on our backs with a straw that comes around the shoulder to give us our constant fizz fix? Time will tell.

But, this post isn't about Pepsi, or Coke, or Mountain Dew.

It's about empty places and yearning and the search for satisfaction. And standing at the checkout counter of the gas station gives us lots of visuals.

Super sized candy bars.
Energy drinks.
Little bottles of alcohol.
Lottery tickets.

Oh my. We are a mess.

I've been learning recently through the study Recovering Redemption that humans tend to turn 4 places in a search for significance and purpose.

Ourselves- We strive for self improvement. According to US News, Americans spend more than $60 billion a year on weight loss. Barnes and Noble offers 186, 532 self help titles.

We instinctively know that we need "fixing".

Others- "If only I were friends with the right people"..... "When I'm in a relationship, I'll be happy".... "My kids, my kids, my kids"

World-alcohol, food, fame, fortune, shopping, hobbies, more, more, more

Religion-Attempting to save yourself through your good works and checklists of rule following

I have dipped my toe in everyone of these at one time or another and went under the water a time or two in some of them.

But all of my striving and searching left me still empty and frustrated and with more clothes than I needed and more weight than was healthy and one more box to take to the give-away pile.

None of these outside forces will do the trick.

Our joy and significance come from a RELATIONSHIP with the one who came to save us, Jesus Christ.

Oh, that we would turn there instead of the things that do not satisfy and never will.

Share your wisdom in the comments please. I'd love to hear your take on this!


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