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He Is


He is.

These words seem like a twin phrase to "but God" which has shown up over and over in my Bible study this year.

Because "he is" in every circumstance around us, he can take what seems for our harm and reverse it to a "but God."

Often my eyes and heart remain closed to what is happening around me and days, weeks, or months later, I learn how God has worked something ugly or confusing for good.

When I become aware of this, I learn once again that the wisdom of man isn't wise at all, and I need to see things through "kingdom eyes" not my green ones that require glasses for the details and fine print.

Once upon a time, I thought I knew what to pray when circumstances were sticky or relationships strained. I prayed for my will to be done, and then worked hard to make it happen if it was in my power at all to do so. How presumptuous of me!

Now, I pray with confidence and much less worry and brain scurrying on my part, that God's will be done. I am learning to hand over my "control" which is laughable because I can only "control" one person-me- and as I've said on this blog before, I don't even mind myself all that well.

My Heavenly Father really does know best, and because "He is",  I don't have to be.

And I'm glad.


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