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My Top Five of Randomness


My poor little blog has been so neglected lately and I want to apologize for neglecting yours, too.

What the heck?

I retired from my 9-5 job and I'm supposed to be in charge of my own schedule. But, just like my mother used to say, "How did I ever find time to work for a paycheck?" I've been super busy and just can't do it all!

But, I've missed all of you, so I hope to stop by for a visit very soon.

I love to read posts about random things that people have discovered and incorporated into their everyday lives, so I thought I would share some products that have me clapping my hands here on the prairie.


This book by Mindy Kaling. 

This memoir had me laughing till I cried and reading whole pages to Brad so he could enjoy it with me. Mindy's dreams for the future made me like her even more. 

I sent her a tweet expressing my love for the book, but she must have missed it. So, Mindy, if you are reading this blogpost, "Big Hug, you sweet thing."


Has anyone else spent time trying to get your IPAD or Iphone at just the right angle so your neck and chin look better when you facetime? Ok. Maybe it's just me.

When my sweet neighbor, who was the flower girl in our wedding where I made her wear a hideous dress and Little House on the Prairie bonnet, (Sorry, Kelly) offered me a deal on some Mary Kay skin care products, I said yes, hoping for a miracle cure for ugly neck.

Well, there was no miracle, but I really do like these products. If you are in the market for skincare, I think you should give Mary Kay a whirl.


Holy Yoga. Always, Holy Yoga. 

I have completed my Holy Yoga Therapy certification and am just waiting for God to show me what direction he wants me to take with it. 


Do you use Essential Oils? I admit to originally having thoughts of snake oil and gullible people, until I gave them a try. Let's just say, I am a believer! I have been using Lavender to help me sleep and Peppermint and Breathe to help with my sinus issues.

I have been sleeping so much better and have almost quit taking my Allegra D. I did catch the upper respiratory junk that went around this winter and had to take antibiotics, but for the normal day to day sinus crud, the peppermint is really helping.

Doterra is the brand my friends use, so that is the brand I've used. 

I'd love to hear about your experiences with essential oils.


This song.

Kylie Phillips, the lead on this song, is one of my former students and church kids and friend of our youngest son. High Road 3 has just released a new CD and I predict this will be their first Top Ten Hit. 

Give it a listen and tell me what you think

My flowerbeds are calling, so this will be it for today. I hope your tulips are blooming and you have time to enjoy them!

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