Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sweeter than Honey to My Mouth

Hello, friends!

First of all, I want to thank you for your kind comments about the pictures I included in my last post. What a surprise!

I was so disappointed when we hiked in Sedona and then again when we stepped up to the edge of the Grand Canyon. Both times I pulled out my "good" camera and the battery was deader than a doornail. I had even had it on the charger all night before the Grand Canyon, but apparently the outlet wasn't working and I didn't notice. Grrr.

Sidebar: I just have a Nikon that isn't anything fancy really and doesn't have extra lenses and can't take pictures that focus in on one thing and leave the rest all fuzzy, something I would really like to be able to do.

Side-side bar: Has anyone taken on online photography class? Which one would you recommend?

Anyhoo. I had to take pictures with just my cellphone, so I was surprised how they turned out pretty well, after a little tweaking in Picmonkey. If you have never used that free photo-editing site, I highly recommend you give it a whirl. Easy.

Moving on....

I have spent the last few days studying scripture with She Reads Truth that focused on the power of God's word. I loved every minute of it and am humbled that God the Father wants a relationship with me. And He speaks to me through His word. And YOU!!!!

The Bible is not just another book filled with another man's opinions.


The She Reads Truth girls, tell us

The Bible is

                   .....His story and my story
                   .....the word and breath of God
                   .....the power of God
                   .....for hearing and telling.

It is all about HIM.

His Mercy.
His Grace.
His Wholeness.
His Justice.
His Love.
His Redemption.


Scripture has been compared to a Swiss Army Knife. It is a tool that gets into our deepest places and transforms us from the inside out if we will let it. It isn't easy work, but it is sooooooo worth it!

Maybe you already have a dedicated quiet time with the Lord. If so, you know what I say is true.

Maybe you have never opened God's word at all because you think it is irrelevant in this modern age.

Maybe you think it is all a bunch of hooey.

I want to challenge you to get your hands on a version you can read and understand-maybe a New International Version, New Living Translation, or The Message or download You Version on your phone or Ipad-and dig in.

Maybe you want to join us at She Reads Truth. It isn't complicated. Read the scripture and then the commentary and then the comments. I bet you will be blessed.

Before you begin reading, ask God to make the words real to you and to speak to your heart through His Words.

He will.


I'd love to hear what version you would recommend for a new-to-the-scriptures Bible reader. Comments?


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  1. Susan- How frustrating to have camera problems. I have never taken an online camera course, Susan...but I'd say you did an admirable job of taking pictures with your camera. xo Diana

  2. great post Susan
    my recommendation would be a life application study bible
    it explains what you just read at the bottom of the page.

  3. I have to go back and look at your last post. I have often forgotten to take my memory card out of my computer and gotten to where I'm going to take pictures when I realize it! Grrrr...


  4. I would recommend the ESV translation for a new Christian. Have a great week!!

  5. I personally read the NIV Life Application Bible for my daily reading and love it!! I would recommend it highly. My husband reads the ESV and it is great too. I will probably switch to it sometime in the future because quite honestly my Bible (it was a hardback not leather bound) is starting to fall apart after 11 years. I hate to switch because mine is high-lighted, underlined, and written in. :) The important thing is to READ it!! Not just a "devotional." I know how it transformed my life so I am passionate about people getting into God's Word!! Sorry about your camera, but I thought your pictures were really good. What a fabulous trip!! :)

  6. I think a New Christian might enjoy the NLT with more up to date language. When I first really got into the Word I had a King James Version (and yes that was many years ago, ha!). Because it is powerful in any version, it spoke to me but I may have listened closer had it been in a more current language. I love your mention of the Word as His very breath - just love that image!

  7. Hands down, for the new and the old Christian alike, I always recommend the ESV.

  8. Hi Susan! I have an iPad and had no idea I could download a version of the bible on it? I'll have to take a look at the app store and see what's available.

    Thank you for mentioning it! I am trying to dedicate more time to quiet prayer in these days leading up to Easter. I made a decision yesterday, and peace just flowed all over me. It was so wonderful. God really does want to encourage me!


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