Tuesday, February 25, 2014

One Way to Study the Bible

Good Morning, Sweeties!

I am in the midst of packing anxiety. We are headed for a little adventure in a few days, and I am obsessing over what to take with me. Most of the time I wait until the last minute to pack, but I can't do that this time. I have to be ready TODAY.

Here are my dilemmas.....

             I want to wear cute outfits, but I don't want to drag too many things with me.

             Should I take a suitcase full of shoes?

             I certainly don't want to pay extra for a too-heavy bag.

             I will probably default to my way-too-frequent-traveling habit and wear the same cute outfit multiple days in a row since no one will know me, we won't see the same people twice, and I'm not a sweaty person, so why should I drag all that stuff around? 

Oh the stress. wink.

I am giving my brain a little rest for a few minutes and checking in with some of my favorite people ever-you guys! Hope your week is going well and you are also looking forward to an adventure in your life. 

I know many of you are Bible study girls and are onboard with the adventure of a life with your Heavenly Father. You don't have to be convinced to pick up the Word because you have already benefitted from it. You know the wisdom and life-changing words buried in the pages. You can attest personally to the fact that those words have transformational power.

Sunday we had a wonderful sermon and I just had to share what we were taught that will help us go deeper into the word of God. 

According to this survey from the American Bible Society, most Americans agree with us that the Bible is a very special book.

The survey says.......

  • 88% own a Bible
  • 80% say the Bible is sacred
  • 61% say they wish the read the Bible more often
I think those are some encouraging numbers, don't you? 

However, we aren't called to just read the scriptures. We are called to DO WHAT THEY SAY!

Here is a way to study the scriptures that will make that more likely.

The S.O.A.P Method of Bible Study

              Pick a scripture that stands out to you from the passage you read. Write it down.

              What is this scripture saying to me? Write it Down.

              How can I apply this truth to my life today? Write it Down.

              Write a prayer asking God to help you make that application.

Most of us need to approach new information in multiple ways to really assimilate it. The S.O.A.P method does just that.

I love to take notes when I read and study the scriptures, but I've never written out the actual way I am going to apply what I learn and then prayed for help to do it. This could really change the way I study, and I'm giving it a try.

Want to join me?

If you already employ this method in your study, please tell us about it in the comments.

If you use another method, would you share it with the rest of us?

If you have tried to read the Bible but it just seems irrelevant and a waste of time, share that, too. 

Can't wait to hear what you have to say-about Bible study or how many shoes I should pack!



  1. I need to work on applying what I read to my life more. Sounds like it was a great sermon!

    I hope you have fun on your trip and in my experience, don't over pack because you never end up using all the things you think you need! Plus gives you a little wiggle room for shopping !:)

  2. 2 pair of shoes...one comfy pair for travel and one pretty pair for going out. Dave and I would travel for 2 weeks with 2 21" suitcases and bags; never carry more than you can run with!
    I read five Bible chapters a day, Spurgeon and other devotionals and keep a blessing/prayer journal. Each of us need to find something that meets our need and then just DO IT. I have devotions in the morning, before anything else. It helps me with the rest of my day.

  3. thanks for sharing Susan
    I have not heard of this method
    I can't wait to give it a try

    Hope you reconcile your shoe situation and have a great vacay!!
    ps...shoes are the hardest to pack-you usually need comfort and in my experience- comfort doesn't equal cute :)

  4. That's a great idea. With prayers, I use the ACTS method. Adoration to the Father as outlined in the Lord's prayer, Confession, (as we see how awesome He is, we can't but see our own sinfulness), Thanksgiving (then when we realize how forgiving and redeeming he is, we can't help but be thankful, and Supplication. Then we come boldly to the throne with our petitions. Think I may have a blog idea:) Have fun on your trip.

  5. I also agree with the idea of taking 2 shoes. A pair for walking and a cute pair for going out.
    My husband and I read the Bible together daily, it is my favorite part of the day :)

  6. Right now I'm in a Precepts class and we just under took the book of Romans which will take us two years to complete...

  7. Hi Susan! That's so funny, we used to use the S.O.A.P. method to chart in the hospital. 'Subjective/Objective/Assessment/Plan

    It sure does lend itself to Bible study too. I like to read and reread passages to see what calls my name. I think it speaks to me because it's what I need to hear that day.

    Have a wonderful trip! I go through the same dilemma. I'm going out of town in a few weeks, so I'll be right in your shoes...what to bring?
    Have a peaceful day my friend,

  8. The S.O.A.P. method is my favorite for everyday Bible Study Susan! (In fact it's the one I've been expounding on in my own blog series this winter.)

  9. And I used S.O.A.P. as Ceil said only in vet. med. Now a new way to use it thank you! Have fun on your trip and travel light.

  10. Wonderful post Susan! Studying my scriptures is the best part of my day!!! I read and ponder them early in the morning when my mind is fresh. I used to do it at night but found that my days go much better when I 'let God in early' :))))
    hugs from me...

  11. This "Simple Way to Pray" resource may be helpful. It has been for me! http://www.lcms.org/resources/simplewaytopray

  12. Dear Susan, You crack me up! Yes, I have the worst problem when I travel with the whole shoe thing!
    I am leaving on Wed for a trip; going South!
    I also love to take notes as I read the scriptures!
    Your just a treasure of a Lady!
    Hope your trip was wonderful..
    Blessings, Roxy

  13. Susan - I love hearing your SOAP method of Bible study. I have used something similar at times. In my early years of medical transcription the doctors would use a SOAP acronym: Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan. I will long remember your post with the same! Hope your travels are going wonderfully...

  14. Loved perusing your blog this afternoon while my babes slept. I do not have a bible study plan, but it was interesting to hear about yours!


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