Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Childhood Should be Reserved for Children

This is part of an old railroad mile marker. Notice all the potshots someone has taken at it. So symbolic, don't you think?

Have you ever experienced a scenario like this? 

Before starting your quiet time, you pray that God will show you what you need to know, that He will convict you where conviction is needed.

Then you begin reading along in the Bible, minding your own business, maybe reading verses you have read many times before, maybe busily applying those verses to other people because that comes so naturally, when SMACK!-God pours conviction on you like he is refilling sweet tea at Cracker Barrell?

Well, that is what happened to me this morning.

Hurts, doesn't it? 

The She Reads Truth girls have just started a new Bible study titled This is the Gospel. Part of my reading today was I Corinthians 13:8-13. What a section of scripture with so much truth! The verse that really gobsmacked me was this one: 

11 When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things.

I have read that verse countless times and never once considered that it might still be applicable to me. I've been a Christian a VERY long time, after all. I'm grown up in the Lord, aren't I? 

Aren't I?

I guess not because today, I realized that there are many times I still speak and think and reason as a child.

I speak when I should listen.
If I think something, I say it.
I demand my way.
I pout.
I gossip.
I tattle.
I manipulate.

Gosh. I sound pathetic.

Dear Jesus,

Please forgive me. May I listen to the Holy Spirit so that I may GROW UP. May I stop making myself number 1.

I am definitely a work in progress. Quoting that sage philosopher, Oprah,"You can't do better until you know better," now I know better.

So, I will let the gospel do its transformation in me. While that is happening, I will try to follow some of Paul's other words in this section of scripture.

Conviction is a gift. May I receive it with a heart to do something about it.

Can anybody relate?


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  1. Hi sweet Susan! WOw, you certainly had a lesson for me today. WHat you said at the end, "Conviction is a gift. May I receive it with a heart to do something about it" really hit home and touched my heart. Thank you, friend, for being willing to be honest with yourself and then to share what you learned. Hugs!

  2. Susan- You are right- I never thought of it in the context that it might apply to me NOW! Love that you "got it" AND that you passed that along here. Blessings- xo Diana

  3. What a wonderful post for me to reflect on this afternoon. I feel as though I could have written it as I can relate to this so much.

  4. Dear Susan, You are right about conviction being a gift. Our Father loves us so much and when I act spoiled and respond from my self-centered heart, I don't even like me... I looked at that Bible Study and it looks good, so glad it is hitting its mark in your life.
    We have those signs that say "Look You Are Still In Range!"
    You're a very special lady and I am glad to know you!
    Always, Roxy

  5. Susan, God truly spoke to you with this scripture and revelation - and to get you to share it. I have had to spend time too thinking about my reactions and actions - wondering "Why did God allow humans (me)to be so selfish? His answer came of course, that he doesn't allow it - He gives Himself to us to help overcome our selfishness! Thank you for sharing your faith journey so that we too may grow in Christ.

  6. Hi Susan! Of course I can relate! (I love that image of the tea, by the way.)
    I think we are all pathetic in a way. Well, maybe that's too harsh a word, but we all struggle with our human tendencies.
    I had breakfast with a friend today and found myself talking down people, and I wondered later, what for? Does it make me feel better about myself? Because it didn't. I'm just always messing up.
    Good thing God still loves me. There's hope. May he work to transform me every day, because I am a hard case, let me tell you.
    Thought provoking post!

  7. A work in progress - that I am. SO thankful for His grace that covers and allows me to start fresh again each day. Thanks for sharing with us : )

  8. I am definitely a big project.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings :-)

  9. Absolutely can relate. I have been convicted much lately about attitude and purpose. Thank you for your writing and for inspiring!

  10. Great truths! Love the work the gals over at "She Reads Truth" are doing, and it's so cool to see other bloggers participating.

  11. Yeah, so thankful God has that way of drawing us back to Himself. Thankful for correction and reproof. Let's me know that God loves me and desires for me to know Him deeper. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Yes I can relate. I pray every night before i go to bed for God to guide me. To make me stronger and better for my family and my loved ones. Thank you for raising up and bringing such beauty and truth to your blog...all the best this weekend friend...Nicole xoxo


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