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Love, Love, Love!


Merry Christmas, Dear Internet Friends!

I hope you are enjoying this day wrapped in the love of family and friends. But if you are spending this day alone, or Christmas for you is a sad and lonely time- even if you are surrounded by people- please know that the love of Jesus is right there for the taking.

This advent season, I have been so touched by the fact that LOVE was born all those years ago. Scripture tells us that Jesus is the physical representation of the character of God-and God is LOVE.

We were blessed with a new granddaughter this year. Such joy a newborn brings!

Hannah joined our other 3 little ones.  We love those 4 little girls with all our hearts.

We love them all fiercely and unconditionally.

This love isn't something grandparents and parents invented. It is a love that comes from above. We love others because HE first loved us.

Be silent and thankful and soak in the fact that our Heavenly Father loves you and me even more fiercely and unconditionally than we can imagine.

Why would we ever run away from a love like that?

I want to run toward that love more than ever today and every day.....

unending love

glorious joy

inner peace

abundant life.

If you don't have a relationship with Jesus, who is just waiting for you to come to HIM, don't wait. The day we celebrate HIS birthday can be YOUR real BIRTHDAY, too. 

Come take your place in the family. We are waiting for you to join us!


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