Monday, November 18, 2013

Chasing the Wind

This was the verse the other day from a devotional I have been reading.

Earlier that day, a friend and I were talking about Americans and our search for contentment, trying to fill our God's size hole. Some do it with food or by starving themselves, with alcohol, drugs, busyness, checklists, exercise, gambling, entertainment, home decorating, careers, children.  Just about anything can be a substitute, but, of course, none of it works.

Here in our great country, we are all born into varying degrees of wealth when we are compared with the world. I heard a quote recently that I thought was so true, "In America, we are all born on 3rd base, but we think we have hit a triple."

Even with all the "things" we possess, we still are never satisfied. And we keep striving for more.

I am no different, but I should be. I know where contentment comes from, and it isn't from me, or what I can accomplish or force my body to do.

Please forgive me, Lord, when I search for fulfillment in frivolous things and then lament the fact that I don't have time to do what you have called me to do. Bring me in communion with you and your Holy Spirit, thereby doing your will.

And that is what leads to true and lasting contentment.

I'd love to hear what has been on your mind. Please share in the comments!
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My Garden Diaries said...

We were just talking about this at church on Sunday. With all of us having an end and not knowing when that end will be...we should seek to do his work. We should put ourselves in the position to help others, make this world a bit better by doing something. This is such an important message to everyone. Time to get doing!

Stephanie said...

Hi Susan! Your post goes right along with what my husband has been speaking about for the opening service at church - contentment. I love it when the Lord uses other people to teach me things I need to work on. Thank you, sweet friend, for sharing and may you have a beautiful day! Hugs to you!

Auntie Bliss said...

That old satan knows we love our stuff. We kick him to where he belongs when we don't fall in that trap.
All these catalogs pouring in and emails ...I delete them as fast as I can so as not to be tempted.

silvergirl said...

well, hello stranger
your verse is so on point for what i am studying in my bible study right now
changing our attitudes!!!

Madge Bloom said...

i agree, but i think a lot of the discontent in our american hearts is due to madison avenue advertising whipping up the feelings of greed (not that it isn't there in some measure anyway) and no matter what you've got there's always something better to have (according to them)...

Veronica and Daniel said...

I have so many thoughts about this! :) My mind immediately goes towards others - other people who need to be content with what they have. Other people who should be working hard rather that sitting around thinking the deserve to just be handed things in life. And then God whispers to me that this verse is meant for me. That the times when I am feeling like life is not fair and I say to myself I will be truly happy if I can just have this one thing... Oh, will I ever learn ;) Thank you for the beautiful reminder of where my true joy comes from! Hope you are having a great weekend!!

Natalie said...

Yes, and Amen! =) I think this is even more true now that we're moving into the season of holidays, and we just sometimes focus on the amassing... amassing of gifts, calories, events... and those things are fun and to be enjoyed, but not at the cost of seeing Him and being content with what we already have in Him.


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