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Chasing the Wind


This was the verse the other day from a devotional I have been reading.

Earlier that day, a friend and I were talking about Americans and our search for contentment, trying to fill our God's size hole. Some do it with food or by starving themselves, with alcohol, drugs, busyness, checklists, exercise, gambling, entertainment, home decorating, careers, children.  Just about anything can be a substitute, but, of course, none of it works.

Here in our great country, we are all born into varying degrees of wealth when we are compared with the world. I heard a quote recently that I thought was so true, "In America, we are all born on 3rd base, but we think we have hit a triple."

Even with all the "things" we possess, we still are never satisfied. And we keep striving for more.

I am no different, but I should be. I know where contentment comes from, and it isn't from me, or what I can accomplish or force my body to do.

Please forgive me, Lord, when I search for fulfillment in frivolous things and then lament the fact that I don't have time to do what you have called me to do. Bring me in communion with you and your Holy Spirit, thereby doing your will.

And that is what leads to true and lasting contentment.

I'd love to hear what has been on your mind. Please share in the comments!

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