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Thank you Zeke and Camille

Good Morning, Friends!

My kids don't want me to post pics of their kids on my blog. Darn it.

I am back home after several days spent cuddling and staring at our newest little granddaughter, Hannah Grace. I, of course, am having baby withdrawal and can't wait until she and her mommy and daddy come home for a visit. The day I came home I found a little spot on my forearm where her sweet little head lay that still smelled like her. Brad and I sniffed that spot over and over, which helped for the first few hours. Alas, a shower got rid of that fresh baby smell, so I am forced to be content now with just looking at her pictures.

What a doll!

Adding another baby girl to our family gives us 4 sweet, precious granddaughters. We are blessed, I know.

Since the default emotion for most of my life has been worry, this new little one is not only a new little person to love with all my heart, but also someone else for me to worry about.

But wait. This time I'm not going down that old "worry" road-a road that leads me nowhere I want to go.

And I have Zeke and Camille to thank for that.

Do you watch Parenthood? 

We have been watching on Netflix, catching up from the beginning of the series. It is a great drama about the lives of 3 generations of a realistic California family. The writing and acting are both wonderful, and a bonus for us is the occasional appearance of some of our favorite actors from Friday Night Lights.

Zeke and Camille are the patriarch and matriarch of this family, and I love the mostly wise and gentle way they interact with their adult children and grandchildren.

Just like in real life, all the characters in this TV show face problems with school, jobs, personal decisions, morality, conflicts. 

Real life is about making one hard decision after another-it isn't a piece of cake for anyone. And it won't be for my kids and grandkids. As a grandparent, none of these choices are up to me. These day to day problems aren't mine to solve.

My job isn't to rush in and offer advice, telling everyone how things ought to be done.

My job is to love them all unconditionally, to lend a listening ear when they want to talk, to encourage from the background, and to provide a safe place for all of them to come home to.

I want to be a grandma who is....
.....a warm lap to crawl onto
.....a book reader
.....a game player
.....a cookie baker
.....a teacher of things like crocheting, sewing, cooking
.....their biggest cheerleader.

Worry isn't included anywhere in this job description.

So, I will pray for the members of my family every day and turn them over to Jesus-the best place for them to be.

And I will spend my time enjoying them, not worrying about them.


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