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Friday Fashion Fun


Meet my new favorite fashion blogger, Seersucker and Saddles

I love her style. Her outfits are just plain cute and accessible. I would wear gobs of them.

Her occasional potty mouth doesn't do anything for me though, so I usually just look at the pictures. And then get mad at myself that I gave away my little jean vest a few years ago. Who knew they would come back in style?

seersucker and saddles

I would never wear a skirt this short, but I love the layering on the top half of the outfit. Don't you?

One of my fashion goals is to wear my white jeans through October or longer. Here is a cute way to transition them into fall.

Transition to Fall #1 - White Jeans
blue hydrangea via polyvore

It's Still Summer
see caption above

I can't get enough pencil skirts. 

Hope you have a great weekend wearing something adorable!


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