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2013 Southern Living Idea House.....Nashville: Part One

If you are a reader of Southern Living magazine, you probably know that each year they sponsor an Idea House. They choose the most talented designers and architects they can find and create a drool-worthy house that is featured in their magazine.

Visiting one of these houses has been on my bucket list since I started collecting issue after issue of Southern Living during the dreaming years before we built our house. I quit taking it a few years ago, when it seemed to go downhill a bit. However, I think that it is back up to speed now.

I took my instagram followers on a field trip to the idea house with me this summer, and I wanted to share my experience with you girls, too.

I took way too many pictures for one post, so I will divide them up over several.

The house, really houses, are built on the site of Fontanel Mansion outside of Nashville.  Barbara Mandrell originally owned the mansion, which has been purchased by some businessmen and is now an entertainment center. (I got all that info from our waiter at the restaurant, so I hope it is right!)

These houses will be used as a bed and breakfast, and, boy oh boy, I hope we can stay there sometime!

The property has the main house pictured here with 2 smaller, smaller houses on each side of the courtyard.

The main house connects to the 2 carriage houses (that's what I'm calling them anyway!) with porches. The baby houses are free standing.

Aren't they just adorable?

We will start our tour in the main house. Can I just say that my heart was pumping extra fast and I practically ran to the front door? I was so excited!

The Beautiful Front Door-it was ginormous!

The porches are one of my most FAVORITE things about this place. They were wide and long and beautifully decorated with Ballard Design furniture.

Wouldn't you like to lie down here with a good book, or Southern Living magazine? Do you see the big swing over there in the upper left hand corner? LOVED IT!

I love the shades and the way they did the ceiling-although I would not want to have to paint it!

What I loved about the exterior of the main house:

What do you think?

Have you ever visited a Southern Living home?

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