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5 Minute Friday.....Belong


Five Minute Friday-Where we write for 5 minutes on a selected topic without editing or overthinking. Join us-it is fun!

I spent a good part of our early married years longing to be a part of a group. We had lots of friends, but not a specific group, besides family, who we knew would invite us if they decided to throw a big holiday bash, or  a ball, or even a fish fry.

I would be in social situations with others and they would talk about the fun activities they had been doing with their "group".

I was jealous.

And it wasn't very attractive.

For years, the group thing just never happened for us.  I eventually stopped caring and decided to be happy with the very good friends that we DID have, and stop worrying about being a part of the COOL group.

It is so embarrassing even now to admit that as a grown women- with kids- I still thought amazing like a junior high girl.

Guess what?

When I quit trying to force it, God put us in a small group of wonderful people who have become like family to us. We have so much fun together and we not only BELONG to each other, but more importantly we BELONG to the FATHER.

I pray that because of my desire to be a part of something bigger than myself, I will keep my eyes open looking for others who are longing for the same thing.

I think that includes all of us!

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