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I decided to participate in Five Minute Friday this week.

But wait.

It is Saturday.

That is how I roll.

Keeping it real here on the farm. The only thing growing here now is a GOB of dandelions.

This week's word is Comfort.

Since today is the day before Mother's Day, our kids were all here for lunch. We had steaks, baked potatoes, and all the trimmings, and our middle son helped with the preparations. I love working in the kitchen with my boys- although none of them are boys any more.

That same man who chopped the veggies used to have a blankie he turned to whenever he needed comfort. He drug that thing all over the place and it would get dirty and had a distinct smell on the corner where he would wrap it around his thumb before he stuck the whole thing in his mouth.

Our oldest son had a pacifier that was his friend. Like many parents, we had several stashed in different places all around the house. We HAD to have one available because he needed it.

Our baby was a thumbsucker, too, but his comfort routine was a little "song" he would sing when he was tired. I rocked him to sleep while he sang his sleepy song, sucked on his "fi-fi", and rubbed and rubbed on my earlobe.

I look at my three sons now in wonder at the men they have become. Beards have replaced their baby-faced cheeks and muscles bulge at their shirtsleeves.

And my heart nearly bursts with pride.

Happy Mother's Day, friends!

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