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It's a Wonderful Life


But it may not feel like it at times.

It seems like everyone I know is going through tough times. I don't need to list all the troubles; we all know what they are.

My question is: How do people get through the struggles of this life without acknowledging God's love for them, without his spirit dwelling in them?

That would make the hard times, impossible.

But like the old hymn says, "This world is not my home. I'm just a passing through."

I want to share with you a resource that I found in No Other Gods, the study by Kelly Minter that a group of us are knee deep into.

I hope that you find it helpful; I know I did!

If you're...

So many times, God gives us just the right word at just the right time. I experienced that again this week on a morning when I was just about ready to sit down and bawl about everything.

I went into the restroom of our local coffee shop and written on the chalkboard door were these words,

"Cast your cares upon Him, for He cares about you."
                                                                                             I Peter 5:7

That made me feel so much better!

Praying my words can be an encouragement to someone today!


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