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Spring Starts and Stops


Hasn't our March weather been "interesting"? It was 63 here on Sunday and yesterday I saw snowflakes several times.


But, the sun is shining today and the sky is blue.

We planted wheat last fall in the field right behind our house and it is starting to wake up and grow and is turning bright green.


Most of these were our boys'  Bibles when they were kids. 

Activity is picking up in a big way here on the farm and my boys have SPRING fever. They have begun getting equipment out and ready to roll, and now that we have more daylight they will be working long, long hours.


Brad burns lots and lots of calories so we will start having our big meal in the middle of the day-at least when I am home at noon-which happens once in a while.


This picture titled "Spring" is one of my favorites.

Today I broiled steaks the Barefoot Contessa way-placed in my iron skillet and sprinkled with Montreal Steak Seasoning-and baked potatoes rolled in olive oil and even more Montreal steak seasoning.


Finally got a bit inspired to do a little spring decorating and used a vintage Easter graphic from this website (whoops! I can't find it again) and inspiration from this blog post to make a little artwork for our mantel.

I painted an icky red frame I already had and used pages torn from an old Agricultural textbook I got at an auction somewhere as a background. The book has several entries written in 1923 by a  farmer's hand.


Hope you are busy making this a great day and that would be....



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