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Sort-of Rosary Beads

I don't mean to be offensive to any of my Catholic sisters, but I am going to share today what I consider to be my non-Rosary-Rosary beads....or cards and how I use them.

Last week, I wrote about my worrying ways. You can read about them here.

With God's help, I am putting that behind me.

When I look at these pictures I took last summer in Montana, I can hardly believe I saw all this beauty with my own eyes!

Several of you shared with me that you struggle with worry, too. So, I thought I would share today a couple of methods I am using that are helping me.

First of all, I don't pray at night any more.

That may sound shocking to you and it kind of does to me. In the past, I would be almost asleep and them remember that I hadn't prayed which would bring to mind all my worries....everyone on our church prayer list and my personal prayer list.

That is all it took to get the worry wheel turning.

Not Good.

So now, I go through my "rosary cards". I have about 20 Bible verses written on cards that I am trying to memorize. I work on them most mornings for a few minutes before I do have my prayer time, and I am beginning to actually learn many of them.

Now at night, instead of going through my worries one by one, I mentally go through my cards, turning them into praises to my Heavenly Father.

This new habit has really helped me to lay my burdens at my Lord's feet and let him carry them. These verses remind me that HE is perfectly capable, and I am not.

What a blessing that is!

I would love to hear how you kick worry out the door, so please share your ideas. And if you would like, you can download the little PDF file I created that has more of my verses.


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