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Let's Dance!

Some people just have "it".

My 4 year old granddaughter brought all their nail polish (54 bottles) with her to my house. She said this was her homework. She played with them for about 45 minutes, sorting by color, size, and pretending they were princesses. So cute!

You know what I mean? They can take a piece of nothing and turn it into something fabulous. They are so creative and can think outside the box.

Not so far that it is tacky. I think we have all seen those creations.
Love this wall that divides the waiting area from the studio.

I have made a few of those myself!

These women get just the right distance from the box. Far enough away to come up with tasteful and unique ideas, which I love.
Love the industrial look. I bet her dad or brother made this desk.
My neighbor girl, Paige, is just that kind of person.

Well, technically, she isn't my neighbor anymore, but her parents are.

And she really isn't a "girl" any more. She is a mom with a sweet little boy.

Handmade light and a tin ceiling? I die! (As Rachel Zoe would say.....not me.)

But, she gave my sweet little boys swimming lessons, so she will always be our neighbor girl to me!

If you have read this blog very long, you know that we live in a very rural farming community and are used to traveling quite a bit for things that city people take for granted.

Things like movie theaters and Wal-mart.

We do have a drive-in theater that is hugely popular in the summer months. You should come visit in the summer and go to the drive-in with me if you have never been to one. It's fun. If you can stay awake!

So, we were so excited when Paige decided to open Dance Hall Studio in our small county seat. This week I finally had the chance to take our littlest ballerina to class, so I got to see how Paige decorated first hand.

And I say do-si-do and step-ball-change!



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